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CB Electrical’s outdoor lighting East Sussex have installed literally hundreds of the best electrical outdoor lighting East Sussex has to offer and are members of the ECA (Electrical Contractors Association) covering Kent, London and Essex.

The reason for so many is because there has been an increasing demand for people searching for outdoor lighting East Sussex and we have contractors covering Kent, London and Essex for the past 10 years.

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Why Use CB Electrical Outdoor Lighting Contractors East Sussex?

There are two main reasons to have outdoor lighting contractors East sussex.


One, it can improve the look and feel of your garden, especially if you live in the countryside like Kent or Essex. Landscape lighting will ensure that your outdoor living space can be used long after dark.


Two, it provides outdoor security lighting, which aids in decreasing the chance of burglary or crime as it acts as a deterrent.

Outdoor Electrical Lighting Variations

The types of lighting that can be used outside vary.


If you are green conscious, solar lighting is a good option. The downside to solar is that the lights are not very bright and only work for a few hours.


Outdoor halogen lights are conventional and guaranteed to give you the light you need. Alas, there is a downside to these too, the conventional bulbs waste a lot of heat and energy, resulting in higher fuel bills.


Over the past 10 years,low voltage outdoor LED lights (SELV)have become a more popular choice of lighting. The reason for this trend is because LED lights are now a lot cheaper than they used to be, and advancements have made. LED lights are a lot brighter and able to stand weather and temperature changes. It has been proven that running an outdoor light is up to 85% cheaper than your conventional halogen bulb.

Security Outdoor Lighting East Sussex - Keeping You Safe

External security lighting is one of the most low cost, yet effective deterrents to burglars. It is a FACT that burglars are less likely to enter someone’s home when they have a brilliant light shining in their faces. Why would they take the chance? Don’t let your house be the one that the burglar moves on to, because it’s inviting and dark for them. Keep your home safe as well as adorning, with outdoor security lighting.

Security lights even keep you safe by allowing YOU to see clearly, preventing you from tripping or falling. So outdoor lighting is more than a crime prevention, it acts as a fall deterrent too. You never know when you might need to go outside in the dead of night to look for your missing cat.

Decorative Outdoor Lighting East Sussex

To completely change the look of your garden, all you need is well positioned, well placed garden lights. There are many different possibilities to help you get your outdoor space looking great.

Interesting Facts

A person is burgled every 15 seconds in the United States.

Only 13% of burglary cases are solved.

85% of goods taken in burglary are never recovered.

Homes with no security measures are 70% more likely to be burgled.

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