LED Lighting

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LED Lighting

November 30, 2012


LED Lighting Contractors

Our team has installed LED lights in many commercial properties in London and surrounding areas, so we have the experience PLUS the knowledge to give you the best solutions for your business.


Start using LED lights TODAY.


For advice and a free quote, contact C B Electrical Contractors today. We will send our LED Lighting Contractors to your home or business as soon as we can.

C B Electrical Contractors cover all overĀ Hastings, West Sussex, Kent, London, Essex.

C B Electrical Contractors & LED Lighting Contractors offers a whole range of LED lighting for your house and work place.

Fun Facts

  • Good quality LED lighting has 25 times more life (hours) than ordinary bulbs.

  • The government would like to see all homes switched over to LED lighting in the next 2 years.

  • In the US alone, $657 billion is now being saved in energy costs every YEAR.

  • LED lighting is used for most things we use, from traffic lights, to brake lights.

  • Ordinary bulbs waste energy by emitting heat, whereas LED lights don’t.

  • LED lights contain no mercury, whereas the old fashioned bulbs do.